We sat down with Georgia/New York based indie rockers Triathalon and asked them all the important questions. They’ve just released the single Distant and we love it.

1. Where did you get your name?

I was writing a screenplay called ‘Triathalon’ in college and I thought it would make a good band name.

2. What’s a day of making music look like for you?

I go to Hunter’s house every Monday after work and we just track ideas in his bedroom and see what happens. Sometimes a song takes an hour to finish or sometimes it takes weeks. It’s been a really fun process. I used to track ideas on GarageBand but my computer stopped working.

3. How did you find your sound? What do you identify as your unique touch on any music you create?

Honestly I’m still trying to find it. I’ve definitely been inspired by all kinds of music. But I think as an artist you should be allowed to have more than one sound. I don’t want to be defined by one thing because inevitably it’ll change. I would say our unique touches to our music are Hunter’s guitar tones, my vocal work and the mixing and mastering which has all been done by our friend Alex since the beginning.

4. In what direction are you trying to take your music? Are you happy with your lo-fi dream pop indie clout, or are you ready to move on?

I’m not trying to take it in any particular direction. Our music is really just based on our growth as people. I think there is an endless amount of progress that we have to look forward to as we continue to create together. I want to say we are heading towards a more jazzy route but that could change tomorrow. I try to keep it as open as possible. I’m also ignoring your second question.

5. Your album art for Online could be described as Vaporwave? How do you feel about that movement?

We were going for more of a collage look. Chad makes a lot of collages oh his own time so we wanted to incorporate that into the final artwork for the album. And vapor wave will always have a small place in my heart but I probably will never revisit that genre again.

6. On that topic… Are you guys anime fans?

Yes we all love anime! The actual time spent by the colorists and illustrators are the main factors of why I appreciate it so much. Also Anime was the first time I heard curse words as a kid.

7. Who is your dream collaboration?

Marcos Valle.

8. Who are you listening to?

Pink Siifu and the new Mothers record.

9. Is there a new album on the way?

Yes but a new EP first :)

10. Finally, what do you want people to take away from your music?